Episode 3

Gaps in Podoconiosis Training

Published on: 26th February, 2021

The newest episode in UGHE’s Research for Equity podcast series speaks to Dr. Janna Schurer, One Health Assistant Professor and Dr. Agazi Fitsum Gebreselassie, MGHD '20 and Lecturer in UGHE’s Center for One Health. The episode, hosted by MGHD ‘20 alumni and UGHE Faculty Gloria Igihozo, deep dives into ‘podoconiosis’ - a highly preventable neglected tropical disease affecting approximately 4 million people worldwide. Their research - ‘Far from the views of decision-makers’ - examines education as a powerful tool to bridging the knowledge gap around podoconiosis, improving treatment and preventative advice and the lives of those affected in Africa and beyond.

Link to research paper

(Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Volume 114, Issue 12)

Authors: Kelly Fowler, Lilian Nantume Wampande, Agazi Gebreselassie, Ursin Bayisenge, Chany Uwase, Adilson de Oliveira, Janna M Schurer. 

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